Thoughts on Technology

A Recipe for Continuous Integration

In the last 5 years, continuous integration has taken off as a strategy.  If you are a software development shop, it is easy so see how to bake a strategy of continuous integration.  If you are a small to mid-sized business, however, it is not always easy to see where to begin on implementing continuous integration. This recipe will give you an overview of the tasks required to transition to CI: 


Stardate 1: Theming in Drupal 8

Well, this is in fact the beginning I guess.  Stardate 1! We have found ourselves in the strange new planet of Drupal 8. Theming has changed, modules are object oriented, and life on this planet is very different from life on Drupal 7. We're going to explore Drupal 8 one section at a time, and we all know that the first thing you need to set up a new blog site is a rockin theme. Unfortunately I'm a back-end developer, so I'm going to be stretching myself quite a bit to come up with a theme.